Are you thinking about going for a laser hair removal procedure? Do you want to get rid of hair growth permanently? Are you searching for essential facts about laser hair removal? Do not stress out; this post focuses on 5 facts about the laser hair removal procedures you should know.

Many people now consider laser hair removal to be the best procedure for permanent hair reduction due to its non-invasive process and benefits. If you are interested in getting the treatment, here are five facts you should know:

1. Pain-free

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Many people erroneously believe that laser hair removal will be painful being a procedure that uses laser light. Waxing and shaving may be painful but laser hair removal is not. The procedure is tolerable and many people consider it pain-free. It is important that know this if you are planning to undergo the treatment.

2. Perfect for All Skin Tones

With improvements in the procedure, laser hair removal is suitable for every skin complexion and tone. The beam of light from Nd:YAG laser will target and damage hair follicles to stop hair growth. Whether you have dark skin or fair skin, as long as your hair is dark, laser hair removal is suitable for you. People of colour are no longer susceptible to bring and scarring.

3. Not Suitable for Light Hair

Laser hair removal treatment requires that the hair has melanin to be effective. Although the procedure works on all skin complexions and tones, it does not on all hair colours. This is because the laser light targets the pigment in the hair. As a result, the hair without melanin will not absorb nor transfer the heat from the laser to the follicles. So, it is safe to say that laser hair removal is not suitable for blonde and grey hair.

4. Stop Some Medications

Laser hair removal is not painful but each person’s level of pain tolerance may be interfered with by some medications, which could cause unfavourable side effects. If you are taking some medicines that increase photosensitivity, you have to stop taking them before going for a laser hair removal procedure due to the medicine’s reaction to UV light.

You have to avoid medications, such as retinoids, antibiotics, antidepressants, cholesterol medications, and allergy medications. Given this, you have to disclose your medication to your carer.

5. Shave Before Appointment

It is essential to shave the hair in the treatment area. The laser light targets the pigment at the root of the hair. So, shaving long hair will increase the chances of the light getting to the root of the hair. Long hair and surrounding skin may be burned if not shaved. The procedure gets more effective when you shave.