It is a well-known fact that alcohol affects the way the mind works and as such changes people’s characters, some for the good, some not so good. Regardless of how alcohol affects you, surely it would be better to be the ‘real’ you without having to use a substance to make you feel better, or change the way you feel about yourself.

Why becoming sober cam be the right choice for you

You are the most important person in your life and as such you should take care of yourself so that you can be the best person you can be for you and those around you. If you drink a lot, you probably experienced many “morning afters,” that dreadful feeling of slowly waking to and facing the double whammy of a pounding hangover, and a slew of regrets are certain to have plagued you. And maybe a healthy dosage of panic, because you have no idea how you got home, what you said, if you texted your ex, if you closed the front door, if you remembered your wallet or phone, and so on.

Remember this the next time it happens: if you keep drinking, you’ll keep having these mornings. If you contact you may never, ever have another morning like this if you stop drinking today.

If drinking defines you, you probably can’t picture who you’ll become if you stop drinking. If you, like others, consider yourself to be the consummate party person, the prospect of putting down the booze for good may conjure up pictures of future Saturday nights spent crocheting, playing Scrabble, and being bored stiff in a pub while everyone else gets drunk and has a good time.

The good times aren’t down to the booze

The good times you’ve had aren’t down to the booze, they are down the people you are with and the activities you encounter, the only difference is, the way you feel. When stopping drinking, it will be hard but as time passes you will experience countless moments of pure happiness. You may have convinced yourself that drinking made you happy, but you’d likely be deceiving yourself. Your mind was probably often filled with guilt, humiliation, and worry.

Living sober

It won’t be easy to start with but the key will be to get involved with things that you enjoy, maybe you don’t know what you like which is actually a perfect opportunity to explore yourself as a person and to learn more about you, really get in touch with yourself. You will enjoy activities more and more as time goes on, things like cooking help to keep the mind at rest and provide focus.