Any cannabis product contains certain strains that are divided into three types –

  • Indica which helps in sedating and relaxing body. It is helpful during night before going to bed.
  • Sativa refresh and uplift cerebral effect which is good to take before any gatherings, or physical activity.
  • Hybrid is a component which falls between Indica and Sativa.

Indica plants are small and bushy and they grow faster than any other cannabis plant. Medicines that contain Indica cannabis are high in CBD and low in THC. There are many stores that provide authentic CBD products, like Arizona Natural Selections that provides cannabis products containing best Indica strains. They’re located in Peoria, Mesa, and Scottsdale. They have created a cannabis dispensary where patients are looked after. They cultivate the highest quality of cannabis plant which is used for medicinal purpose.

Indica is used to treat anxiety disorder, insomnia, severe pains, depression, etc. They help in getting relief from migraine, headaches, seizures, and stress. Its pungent smell or sweet fragrance, and different flavor differentiate it from other cannabis plants. Indica strains produce high resins which mean each flower contains plenty crystal buds in their strains.

Mentioned below are some best Indica strains that are frequently used and appreciated –

  • Strawberry banana is loaded with THC which means a person will reaming high for a longer period of time after taking this Indica strain. It isn’t sedative, but can give relaxation to mind because of 22 to 26 percent of psychoactive present in it.
  • Purple Kush is pure Indica which is quite in demand and contains 27 percent of THC. It is a mixture of Hindu Kush as well as Purple Afghani that gives extreme relaxation, thus, people prefer consuming it at night.
  • Death Star is highly euphoric and it falls between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. It contains 80 percent of Indica which makes a person drowsy, relaxed and give positivity to a person that tends to laugh a lot.
  • Ice Wreck is helpful in relieving pain and prevents insomnia because it contains 27 percent of THC that is equal to that of a Sativa.
  • G-13 contains 20 to 24 percent of THC which gives deep relaxation, but also heavy eyelids. It recommended only to experienced consumers because of its powerful effect.
  •  Kosher Kush contains 25 percent of THC and has herbal aroma of lemon plus pine. It is recommended to be consumed at night because it is a drowsy bud that also makes you giggly and talkative on the same.
  • MK Ultra is a strong Indica strain that contains 23 percent of THC. It provides high numbness in body and spaces out a person.
  • Critical Kush contains THC level of 25 percent and an aroma of lime and pine. It has a tranquilizing effect which is good for people suffering with anxiety and severe stress.

  • God’s Gift is a high power sedative Indica that contains 22 percent of THC. It leaves behind a good feeling in people, but also acts like heavy sedation.
  • Sunset Sherbet is also Indica dominant, but its hybrid containing 20 percent of THC. The effect starts from head, giving joyous feeling but gradually spreads completely in body.

Cannabis plants have medicinal effect if it is without THC. THC has psychoactive effect that keeps a person high. More THC means it is kind of marijuana which is illegal. Thus, people prefer Indica strains because of its low content of THC.