There are numerous ways to enjoy cannabis – smoking, edibles, vaping, tinctures, concentrates, vaping and more. In the US, there is one more option – called the moon rocks. The cannabis community has been talking about this for a while, and if you are wondering how to smoke moon rocks, we have a guide below that may be handy.

What are moon rocks?

As you may know, THC is the only compound in cannabis that’s psychoactive or can cause a high. Most cannabis users are looking for strains that have better THC concentration, and that’s where moon rocks can be a good choice. In simple words, moon rocks are cannabis flower nuggets, which have been coated in concentrates, or often in hash oil, and eventually rolled in ‘kief’. What you get is an incredible product that takes your cannabis experience to the next level. For most experienced cannabis users, moon rocks are the ultimate way to experience kief and the benefits of concentrates. The full profile of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids can take the high to a completely different plane, even for seasoned users.

How to use moon rocks?

Keep in mind that moon rocks contain a much higher level of THC, and therefore, new users need to be careful as how they use the option. The best way to smoke moon rocks is by crushing the flower or cutting it with a pair of scissors. The coating of concentrate makes it hard to break the flower. Once that’s done, you can mix the moon rocks with other flowers or smoke as usual. Just go with a little, because less is always more in this case. If you want to know, moon rocks are made out of this strain called GSC. To make GSC, take cannabis flower of your choice, kief, hash oil or cannabis concentrate. Take a pair of tongs and dip it in liquid concentrate. When the flower is covered in concentrate, you can roll it in kief and let it dry.

Final word

While moon rocks are the ultimate cannabis choice, it isn’t for everyone. You can also choose any strain of your liking, so different strains may give different experiences. Ensure that you don’t share your moon rocks with people who have never consumed cannabis – Just a little of this can actually blow the mind, and it is easy to understand why the cannabis community is so kicked up about it.