Hair loss can have a devastating impact on one’s self-confidence. While most will lose hair as they age, some are genetically more prone to lose more hair. In fact, an alarming 67% of people experience thinning by the time they turn 60. Fortunately, there’s Fotona hair growth laser.

The Fotona hair growth laser system is known for its effectiveness and high performance.  It is also recognized as one of most advanced laser systems in the world and has been known to treat a vast array of aesthetic and medical conditions and concerns.

How Fotona Laser Works for Hair Growth

This incredible system offers a vast range of treatment modes that is not only minimally invasive, it also has no downtime. The Fotona system uses laser energy to ensure natural, predictable, and safe hair restoration results.

Laser energy will be delivered in gentle pulses to heat and trigger the tissues of the scalp. It also produces proteins and growth factors to help increase blood flow. The process can also awaken the dormant hair follicles.

It also stimulates the active hair follicles to promote healthy air growth. Fotona also prevents further hair loss by awakening the dormant hair follicles. This results in thicker and fuller hair.

It is also proven clinically to restore hair growth with just a few treatments. This advanced technology has also been known to effectively reach the deepest layers of the hair follicles and the scalp to activate the natural healing process.

Who are Good Candidates for the Procedure

Fotona Hair Growth Laser is ideal for those who will not require a full hair transplant. It is also recommended for those who have mild to moderate conditions of:

  • Pattern hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Localized balading
  • Early hair loss secondary to androgenetic alopecia

Contraindications for Fotona Hair Growth Laser

Fotona hair growth laser is ideal for most kinds of hair loss. However, it is not considered ideal in the following scenarios:

  • Systemic or local dermatological scalp diseases
  • Hair loss secondary to psychological issues
  • Hair loss secondary to cancer treatment

Benefits of Fotona Hair Growth Restoration

This revolutionary treatment is completed in 15 to 20 minutes, with minimal discomfort. No numbing cream is needed. During the treatment process, the hand piece will be held to the treatment area to deliver combination energy beneath the scalp’s surface to the hair follicles.

A cellular response will then be activated within the scalp’s underlying layers. This also activates the natural production of collagen, which is considered highly effective at healing and replenishing damaged tissues. The regeneration of healthy tissues are also encouraged and it effectively restores and repairs damaged hair follicles.

After the treatment, the scalp will also be replenished with essential hydration and nutrients to reclaim natural hair growth. The process is fast and safe. However, multiple treatments are needed to achieve optimal results. To enhance results, it can also be combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma).

Results can last for 9 to 12 months and noticeable results are evident in a month. For optimal results, maintenance treatments are required. While the treatment can cause the scalp to be flushed slightly, it will subside in a few hours. Normal hair washing is allowed and you can get back to your daily routine immediately after.

When to Seek Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment should be sought as soon as possible. If you wait for too long, the harder it will be for you to recover. When the hair follicles shrink, the size can reduce where no new hair can grow. Unfortunately, once gone, it won’t be able to grow back. Fotona Hair Growth restoration should be done as early as possible for optimal results.