Nursing isn’t just an essential profession; it is also highly demanding. It allows you to care for vulnerable people and become part of their lives. The reward is also motivating as it helps you enjoy the job more. Everyone wants a career that is both financially and personally fulfilling. If you enjoy helping and caring for people, it is a no-brainer that you’ll do well in the nursing field. Think of nurses as friends, helpers, confidants, and caregivers. This profession allows you to play these roles simultaneously. Are you still considering pursuing a career in nursing but want to know what’s in it for you?

Here are several reasons why pursuing a career in nursing is rewarding for those with a passion for helping others:

You can make a difference in the lives of others

All healthcare professionals can impact the lives of their patients positively, however, through nursing, the impact is different. This is because the profession is noble and highly trusted. Your patient trusts you, which explains why you’ll be called upon frequently to talk to them. Although the job can be emotionally and mentally demanding, the outcome is worth the stress.

As you care for patients, you will be relieved to know that you helped someone get back on their feet. These people frequently appreciate your kindness and care. Even if you don’t get instant gratification for a job well-done, the future holds great things for you. The patient and their loved ones will always remember you.

Career and growth opportunities

After deciding to be a nurse, you no doubt hope that someday, you can reach the peak of your career. Yes, this is possible, but it starts with the basics. Your career officially begins when you become a registered nurse. The field is vast, so you can choose from hundreds of specializations depending on your passion. If you love children, you can work in pediatrics, and if you love research, there’s something for you. Identifying an area of specialization takes time. It may help if you work for a period of time before choosing the best fit. These fields have a common goal – to help vulnerable people. The career growth opportunities are numerous. The best part is that no one path is more rewarding than the other. You can earn so much from them, provided you know your worth.

Job security and high demand

Nurses enjoy high demand regardless of the part of the world they are located in. This explains why Baylor University Online offers an online accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This one-year program helps students gain clinical experience while benefiting from strong academics. This full-time study combines clinical and lab experiences, online courses and hybrid interactive courses to provide the best education to students. The US and the UK are consistently searching for skilled nurses, which means that the demand is high. If you’re lucky enough to migrate to these countries, you’ll earn a generous salary. You’ll also enjoy job security and stable employment. The pay makes up for the emotional and mental stress.


We often ignore that nurses have flexible roles. They can work when they want and where they like. Working when they want means they work shifts and are not confined to one place for too long. The health sector is so vast that nurses can decide not to work in the hospital. They’ll still be paid as much as their hospital counterparts.

If you have other engagements, you can work part-time or as temporary staff. Many nurses working to advance their education realize that full-time jobs do not help them, so they work part-time until after their program. Only a few professions provide such flexibility. A nurse can also be an educator, consultant, scientist or wellness practitioner. If you feel like switching careers to other departments, you already have the nursing experience to support the transition.

Nursing is a respected field

In 1999, Gallup performed a survey to determine the most ethical profession on the planet. They concluded their research in 2020. The results showed that Americans ranked nursing as number one, followed by firefighters. The results in 2020 were four times stronger than the survey performed in 2019. Our society respects nurses so much more than they know. Although often seen as too strict, this strictness helps them maintain their professional standard.


As nursing is an in-demand job in many countries, it pays well. In fact, this field is one of the highest-paid professionals globally. An average nurse in America earns $77,600 annually. What more can you ask for in a career aside from stable, guaranteed employment and good pay?


There would be no nurse without a doctor and other health care professionals. Nurses are not only trained to do their job but also to act as assistants to other professionals. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure that patients receive adequate care. Nurses work with care managers, social workers and associates to coordinate patient care programs. This relationship is beneficial to both nurses and other experts. It helps them gain knowledge working with other specialists. There’s always something new to learn when a combined team works together.


Nurses are compassionate, understanding, and passionate professionals. They put their best into the job and get the rewards they deserve. If you love humans and have informally dedicated your life to caring for others, this is the best time to seal the deal. Join the nursing profession and hone your skills. You’ll be glad you did.