Cannabis extract is available in a lot of forms. You may have noticed a photogenic and striking marijuana product on the shelves. It is called shatter also popular as shatter weed, marijuana shatter or shatter wax. It is Instagrammed as a shatter burst. So, what is shatter? In Colorado, Chronic Creation is the best place to buy pure shatter and other concentrate forms.

Cannabis experts define shatter as an extract containing terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential compounds found in marijuana plants. Shatter term refers to the concentrates specific brittle, glass-like texture.

All the shatters are visually the same but physical texture may differ. It ranges from very brittle to snap & pull quality. Inconsistency among the individual product gives an insight into the cannabinoid profile. Shatter high in THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol] is sappier than high-level THCA [Tetrahydrocannabinolic], which is more brittle. THCA is solid, whereas THC is viscous at room temperature.

How is shatter different?

The difference between shatter and other concentrates is little. The potency range and ways of consumption are the same. The key difference is cosmetic. Basically, it is gold or amber-colored and a little transparent. It is semi-clear because the molecules extracted are stacked neatly on top of one another. Therefore, allows light to penetrate and offers to shatter, glass-like properties.

Moisture, heat, and high terpene level can impact the texture. The extracted oil can be a runnier substance resembling a sap but not retaining its semi-clear appearance. Other concentrates are stirred, whipped or shaken several times, thus agitating individual molecules that turn cloudy in appearance. However, shatter does not get agitated, so its appearance is translucent.

What are the benefits of shatter?

  • Shatter dabbing allows cannabinoids to enter quickly in your bloodstream. In other words, instantaneous effects.
  • As the extract is potent, the approach for the user is ‘less is more’.
  • There is no need to inhale burnt plant material for a long time to experience the effect.
  • Inhale vapor rather than smoke, thus protecting your lungs.
  • It lasts longer because of its molecular structure before degrading in comparison to wax or other extracts.

What happens if raw shatter is used?

Unheated shatter will not produce a desirable effect. Shatter needs decarboxylation or heat to activate compounds and offer desired effects. It is meant to be vaporized using vaporizers or dab rig. The potent cannabinoids get heated and activated, which interacts instantly with your body.

Shatter with a high THC level needs to be dosed carefully. Beginners need to start small and increase gradually to avoid paranoia and anxiety. If you desire shatter extract with non-psychoactive effects then opt for CBD shatters. Dabbing is done in the same way but intoxication associated with THC is minimized.