Taking good and proper care of your gums and teeth is essential, so that you stay healthy all through your life. The healthier is your gums and teeth, the less risky it is for you to experience tooth decay and gum disease.

There are basic steps that involve with care taking:

  • Flossing
  • Brushing
  • Rinsing
  • Eating right
  • Visiting the dentist once a year

Tips to brush your gums and teeth

There is a need to brush at least twice a day your teeth and gums. If you brush after every meal, brushing eliminates plaque clinging to teeth. When bacteria come into contact with food, they happened to produce acids. These acids results in cavities.

  • Place fluoride toothpaste in pea-size on the toothbrush head, preferably choose a soft toothbrush. Place it at 45-degree angle.
  • Move your toothbrush in a circular motion across the teeth. Continue this motion and clean well, do not press hard, ensure only the toothbrush tips clean the teeth and the bristles enter the teeth in-between spaces.
  • Brush across the chewing surfaces top on the back side; ascertain the bristles reach the crevices and groves.
  • Use same small circular motion to clean the lower and upper teeth backside facing the tongue. Clean inside the front teeth bottom, angle the head up- and-down position towards the mouth bottom inside and move in a small circle.
  • After brushing, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Replace toothbrush once in three months.

You may be having a very busy schedule and in your hectic day fitting appointments may be a tough task. Yet make it a point to visit monthly centredentairestonge.com to ensure strong gums and teeth.

Reasons to visit a dentist:

  1. Early tooth decay diagnosis. The key reason to visit a dentist is to avoid dental issues such as gum problems and tooth decay. These issues may appear minor at first, but may be more serious problem. Regular visits ensure quick diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Early diagnosis helps to save your life. Your dentist may conduct an oral cancer screening once in regular six-month visit. If there is oral cancer it is best detected early and countered.
  3. Gum disease. Some nutritional habits result in gum disease and it exposes healthy teeth, while others result in serious health ailments. The dental visits may be regular and it is enough to diagnose gum problems so that it may be reversed in case it is detected.