We all love the comfort of our home, even though we like stepping out. When things can be done easily from home, we would rather do that. This is one reason why we all prefer online shopping. When buying glasses it is not as easy to shop online as one would like to think. Though you can see the glasses, you can never be too sure about how they are going to turn out. When you are getting eyeglasses made, there needs to be some sort of rapport or trust formed between the consumer and the business. To tackle this reluctance Optician on wheels offers premium quality eyewear at your doorstep. All you have to do is reach out to them and reserve a visit. They will be there at the allotted time and date. Following are some of the services that are included

 Wide Selection of Frames and Lenses

When buying glasses, the first thing you look at is the frames. Finding the right pair of frames is a task. Often there are not enough to choose from, and you end up settling for something that you aren’t particularly excited about. When the Optician on wheels arrives, they bring with themselves a selection of around 300 frames. They are all unique in their own right. The collection of frames includes frames from some of the biggest names like Dior, Gucci, Celine, Tom Ford, Rayban and Fendi to name a few.

 Helping you to fight the right fit              

Having so many options can definitely be confusing. How do you find one that is best suited for you? Something as unique as you are and fits perfectly. To make this decision less daunting, the experts provide consultation services. They evaluate your taste and requirements. Based on that help you to find a pair of frames that would be as extraordinary as you are.

 Prescription Analysis

Once you have picked out a frame, you need to get lenses inside them. Each lens is different in intensity and has different RX strengths. As the opticians understand that the lenses support your eyes, they ensure that it is of the best possible quality. They offer a large selection of ophthalmic lenses you could choose from.

 Local Optometrists Referrals

When you don’t have a recent eye prescription, you will have to reach out to a local Optometrist. If you don’t know anyone around, the optician will definitely refer you to their most trusted people. 


Now that you have got your glasses. You must take care of them. We often tend to ignore caring for them. If you feel that your glasses require maintenance, they will be happy to do that with you. Treating the glasses with care and caution can help to ensure that they will serve you for a very long time. There are various tips and techniques that the optician will also share with you, that can help you to maintain them better.