Expensive eyebrow pencils are just a temporary solution that would fade away at the onset of the evening. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has led to the development of a permanent solution in the form of eyebrow tattoo. This service is available at aesthetic clinics.

Eyebrows are the face’s most prominent features. Thus, your choice of brow color and shape affects the appeal of your face. Eyebrow tattoos have provided a permanent solution to get rid of your exhaustive beauty regime.

How Does an Eyebrow Tattoo Works

An eyebrow tattoo is a beauty treatment perfect for people with sparse hair on their eyebrows, have been involved in an accident that left them without an eyebrow, and those who suffer from dermatological problems that lead to hair loss. A permanent eyebrow tattoo in Tampa can conceal the disappearance of natural eyebrows by replicating the natural look and giving it a fuller appearance. A lot of professionals and aesthetic clinics specialize in eyebrow tattooing and have relevant experience in letting people embrace this procedure.

Who are Good Candidates for Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

The ideal candidates for these solutions are those with scarce growth of hair follicles on the region because of different reasons such as aging, hair loss due to skin problems, the progression of a disease, and chemotherapy. This method is also available for people who have unintentionally over-plucked hair follicles from their brows. Those who have scars or marks of pigmentation on the eyebrow region and those with broader gaps between the two brows can also benefit from permanent brow tattooing.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattooing

The following benefits may change the mind of those who are in doubt about the results of permanent eyebrow tattooing:

  • Fuller-looking brows. Having fuller brows will save you from the embarrassment. Depending on your chosen color and the density of the lines you require, aesthetic professionals will help you achieve this.

  • Time savings. If you have scarce brows, you would apply makeup to make them look fuller. But, eyebrow tattooing eliminates the need to use makeup and accessories, saving you time and letting you do other chores with ease.
  • Cost-effectiveness. When you compare eyebrow tattooing to eyebrow transplantation, it is a cheaper option. When you get your permanent tattoo done, you don’t have to buy makeup to camouflage the brows. Eyebrow tattoos are expected to last longer than other solutions. In fact, some clinics even offer the service to ensure patients will have permanently-shaped eyebrows.