Thinking about going to rehab? Ask the following questions to help you find the best rehab near you.

Every year thousands of people in the UK go to rehab clinics. It’s no wonder, either, with alcohol as readily available as it is. We have a problem with prescription kept under problem illicit drugs. What’s the moral of the story here? If you have a drug addiction, then you’re not alone. You’re not the first and, nor will you be the last.

When it comes to drug addiction recovery treatment, many of us are at a loss. It’s not the kind of thing that they teach you in school. You spend hours looking through Google for answers on where you should go to get some rehab help. Once you think you know where to go, you then worry about what help you will get. Finding a rehab clinic is a catch 22 with no hope on the horizon.

What Questions Should I Ask a Rehab Clinic?

To help you select a rehab clinic, here are some of the best questions you can ask. Remember, you can give them a call before you commit to anything and discuss what your treatment might look like.

Question one – how often will I see a therapist?

Your rehab clinic should allow you to see a specialist therapist or psychologist once a week as a one on one session. You should see your group at least twice a week, but more than that. Over the course of the recommended 28 day rehab in the UK, we would recommend that you have at least four sessions with a specialist. You should also aim to have 12 or more sessions with your group.

Question two – do you have an aftercare programme?

According to the expert rehab selection service found at, the best rehab clinics contain aftercare programmes. Also known as secondary treatment, aftercare helps you transition back into normal life after rehab finishes. That usually includes telephone or online support. You should also still see a group after you finish, if you’re engaged in a programme like the 12 steps for alcoholism.

Question three – what extracurricular activities do you run?

Rehab clinics all tend to have special themes. You might have a rehab clinic that uses art therapy to further recovery treatment. You might find a rehab clinic which favours physical activity and sports, or even one that uses cooking to provide you with the hobby until you recover. Asking about extracurricular activities allows you to get a good feel of what the atmosphere will be like at your rehab centre. It’s a good way of finding something that matches you personally.

Question four – what facilities and amenities are available on site?

When you go to rehab, you typically live on site. If you are in a quasi-residential rehab clinic then you will live in one location and travel to another to attend sessions. If you are taking rehab as an outpatient, you will leave at the end of the night and return home. You might want to ask if your rooms are single. If you are an NHS patient, you may have to share.

Going To Rehab May Save Your Life

If you are suffering from an addiction, it is imperative that you seek treatment. Use this article to help you find your way.