A healthy and positive work environment is one where employees and management work together to continuously enhance everyone’s safety, health, security and wellbeing. Doing so can significantly increase productivity in any organization. The working environment may have a substantial influence on wellbeing and health given that people spend one-third of their life at work. A healthy workplace is one where there are not just a few risk factors regarding injury and sickness but also many factors promoting good mental health.

Such an environment takes into account the effects of the workplace and the type of job on employees’ health and offers initiatives or activities that make it simple for employees to make good decisions. Just like other managers, nurse managers can ensure that their nursing staff have a similar productive and healthy work environment. The University of Indianapolis offers a unique online MSN in leadership degree for nurses with a BSN degree from an accredited university to prepare them to become efficient nurse managers.

How can nurse managers promote a healthy workplace?

Both healthcare workers and their patients cannot properly function in a hazardous workplace environment. As nurses manage patient care with staff demands, the patient-centered nature of the medical industry may create a tough atmosphere. A healthy and positive work environment is crucial for nurses to improve their coping mechanisms, lessen burnout and reduce staff turnover. Nurse managers can take the following points into account to support a healthy work culture at hospitals.

Consulting peers

Managing goals at the start of a healthcare career will be challenging. Any workplace will provide challenges to some extent, so discussing concerns and worries with coworkers and listening attentively to others often help to normalize them. After all, most healthcare workers have probably gone through something comparable. If one is having trouble identifying the root of the problem at a workplace, talking to coworkers is also helpful.

Considering different perspectives

One of the most important traits that a nurse must possess is effective listening. At work, nurses need to improve their listening and thinking abilities as they may lead to new, creative ways of working. When a teammate shares their viewpoint or opinion, nurse managers should pay close attention and ensure that they feel heard and acknowledged for their contribution.

Taking responsibility for decisions and outcomes

Building a trustworthy relationship with coworkers in a professional situation requires honesty and integrity, and part of establishing that trust is taking full responsibility for decisions and the results. Promoting a culture where nurses take responsibility for the positive or negative results will not only promote more thoughtful consideration before making a choice but also show credibility.

Prioritizing safety in all decision-making

When making decisions, safety should always come first when working in the healthcare field. Any safety lapse puts patients’ health and their lives in jeopardy, as well as the lives of employees. Speaking out when nurse managers observe someone scrimping or making poor decisions for their team’s performance, safety and health is crucial. Depending on the circumstances, they could first think about speaking with the person privately.