Every woman and man has the right to make a family. Unfortunately, we come across individuals and couples who cannot be able to make children. There are major causes of infertility among men and women and these causes should be addressed. Normally, male sterility is recognized after a couple has numerous failed attempts of conceiving. Hospitals like Procrea Fertility help in diagnosing such problems, giving advice, and helping couples and individuals attain fertility. The following are major contributing factors to male infertility.


Being obese is one cause of infertility. This is because the fat deposits lower sperm quality because of the influence they have on the metabolism of androgens. Androgen hormones play a vital role in reproduction and male traits. So, fat deposits alter the development of sperms and DNA.

High Testicular Temperatures

The reason why male testicles are on the outside is to keep them cool. The temperature outside is a bit lower than the inner temperature. If the temperature rises by 3 or more degrees, this can affect the functionality and sperm quality. Some of the sources of high temperature can be tight innerwear or using the laptop on the lap for a long time.


Radiation is also another major cause of infertility. Even though there is still a debate on the connection between male fertility and smartphone radiation, men are still advised to keep their phones away from their testicles. Another source of radiation is chemotherapy during cancer treatment. During chemotherapy, one remedy used to prevent infertility is the freezing of sperms.

Excess Smoking and Substance Abuse

Both addictive and inhaled substances have a high potential of causing infertility. The nicotine found in these substances causes oxidative stress that impacts the quality of sperms and the potential for fertilization. Other substances like cocaine change the development of sperms. The only way to solve this is to quit smoking or substance abuse.

Steroids and Supplements

Excess supplements and steroid injections can also distort the production and development of sperms. Additionally, excess coffee can also be an underlying reason for male infertility. Steroids and supplements should not be used without advice from a professional or physician.


Evidently, STIs such as chlamydia, ureaplasma, and gonorrhea can lead to male infertility. The inflammation affects the sperm quality, while chronic STIs can obstruct their production. So, signs of STIs should be diagnosed or treated with antibiotics.

Injuries on the Genitals

If a man is injured on the testicles, this might be a cause of infertility. Men are advised to protect themselves when taking activities like cycling, horse riding, and martial arts.


The type of food some men eat also determines their fertility rate. So, preserving male fertility requires one to take foods rich in antioxidants. Such include sunflower seeds, beans, broccoli, cheese, and oranges.


Age is another contributing factor to male infertility. Normally, male fertility and sperm production start to decline after 35 years. After achieving 40 years, there is a chance that the man can father a child with genetic mutations.

In Conclusion!

It is crucial to be aware of male infertility and its causes. The point above has discussed the main contributing factors to infertility in males. Family planning programs and care can help in creating awareness and helping people to know how to treat or avoid this problem.