When you have unprotected sex with multiple partners, you risk contracting various sexually transmitted infections (STI), such as herpes. You can contact many different types of STIs, and most of them can be easily treated and will clear up within a few weeks, providing you take the medication you are given. When one of your sexual partners has told you they have herpes, you will want to get yourself checked immediately and ensure you do not have it also. Below are some tips on what to look for, how to get it diagnosed, and what treatment is available when you have contracted the sexually transmitted infection herpes.

Symptoms Of Herpes

There are warning signs that may indicate you have contracted one of the herpes conditions. For genital herpes, you may find pain and itchiness in your genitals, and you can sometimes see small red bumps and white blisters that may form. You can also develop ulcers that leak blood or a liquid when they rupture, and sometimes scabs can form. However, you can also catch oral herpes, and the symptoms of this condition include sores and ulcers around the lips and mouth. When you think you may have contracted herpes, you will want to have an STI test immediately, so you are sure what condition you have.

Getting Yourself Tested

It is simple to get yourself tested, and you must make an appointment at your doctor’s or your local sexual health clinic. The test for all forms of herpes is simple, and you will take a PCR test which is highly accurate at diagnosing herpes. You can often get the results fast, and once diagnosed, your doctor will explain more details about the condition and how you can treat it as it is not curable.

There Is No Cure For Herpes

Unlike many other STIs that can be cured using antibiotics, there is no known cure for herpes, so you will need to get used to the condition and treat it effectively. Within the first year of contracting herpes, it is common to have repeated outbreaks of the illness, and you can start to recognise the warning signs of an outbreak. You can experience an itching or burning sensation or tingling feeling in your genitals that warn of the oncoming outbreak. Although you cannot cure the STI, you can treat it effectively using medications such as Aciclovir 400mg tablets, which can help control outbreaks and make it easier to live with this condition.

Living With Herpes

To help make it easier to live with herpes, your doctor can prescribe you the Aciclovir medication that you can keep on hand when you feel the onset f an outbreak. You must take one 400mg tablet thrice daily, and the condition should improve within around 3-5 days. You can also take this medication to help suppress herpes and taking a tablet twice a day can help control the condition. However, you must consult your doctor every six months to ensure the medication is still effective and help your control outbreaks of herpes effectively.