The existence of CBD [cannabidiol] is known for decades, but currently CBDA products are in trend. What is CBDA? The cannabis plant has CBDA [cannabidiolic acid], which converts into CBD after a decarboxylation process. You can say CBDA is the raw form of CBD and so it works in the same way. There is no stoned or high effect experienced as they don’t interact directly with receptors in your endocannabinoid system.

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CBD oil sector is sky-rocketing because the majority of states have legalized its selling, growing, and using. However, every state has some defined conditions, so make sure to get familiar with the legalities in your state. Moreover, you will find plenty of CBD-infused items. Besides pills and coffee, there are bath bombs and vaping liquids. These add fun but edibles and oils or tinctures have a bigger market.

Why Cannabis tincture is better than edibles?

Fundamentally, cannabis edibles and tinctures are both different. The latter is in liquid form, whereas edibles are available in different forms like capsules, cookies, tablets, brownies, gummies, etc. Cannabis edible dosing can be hard –

  • Was the dose low because it has still not kicked in?
  • Did you take it after a meal or on an empty stomach?

CBD absorption is unpredictable and depends on the consumer’s metabolism. Even if edibles get eaten on an empty stomach the THC to CBD absorption ratio changes, it can make users experience great anxiety. If you eat cannabis edible after a meal the time taken to experience the kick increases. What food you ate will also impact the extent and rate of THC or CBD is absorbed. To avoid this confusion you can choose cannabis tincture.

Rapid absorption rate

Bioavailability means the rate CBD gets absorbed in your blood. If your body absorbs 12% CBD from the 100 mg you consumed means you can benefit from the 10 mg. when CBD tincture is placed under your tongue and held there for some time before swallowing a good amount gets absorbed via sublingual gland and enters directly in the bloodstream. Therefore you can experience the kick must faster than edibles.

In edibles, CBD has to get dissolved in the gastric fluid, before absorption but in tincture, CBD gets detected within the blood in 15 minutes.

Therefore, if you prefer a product that works fast then CBD tincture is a great option!